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  • Do you have food business only in Samyang Group?

    Samyang Group operates food business with Q. one (food family brand) at the core. But we also have chemical and biomedicine businesses dealing with engineering plastics, anti-cancer drugs and sutures. Not only that, we are actively expanding our business arena to include electronic materials, restaurants and foodstuff distribution to explore new growth engines.

  • Do you also produce teargas bombs, optical lenses,

    Teargas bombs are produced by Samyang Chemical and camera replacement lens by Samyang Optics. Likewise, books and textbooks are published by Samyang Media and leather products are made by Samyang Tongsang. Although the name “Samyang” is shared, Samyang Group has nothing to do with those companies.

  • What is the relationship of Q. one with Samyang

    Short for “Quality No. 1”, Q. one represents Samyang’s comprehensive food brand. Its main product is sugar and other items include flour, premixes, oils/fats, homemade mixes and Sang-que-hwan.

  • Do you sell ramen in Samyang Group?

    Samyang Group has nothing to do with Samyang Food, the ramen manufacturer. Samyang Group is rooted in Samyang Corporation that was founded in 1924 as a farming business. We became a holding company in 2011.

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