Samyang Value

They consist of six values, namely, trust, challenge, innovation, talent, customer-oriented and performance-driven values and code of conduct. They are defined to mean as follows:

  • Trust

    Samyang employees respect one another, operate with transparency and contribute to local communities, earning the trust of customers and the general public.

    • Have an open mind to recognize individual diversities and respect one another.
    • Observe social norms and compete fairly.
    • Share business information effectively with employees.
    • Behave consistently according to principles.
  • Challenge

    Confident, proud and enterprising, Samyang people are willing to challenge themselves toward new businesses with the determination to succeed.

    • Try to achieve success with confidence
    • Learn from both success and failure.
    • Accomplish duties with the passion to become the top player.
    • Make prudent decisions, but act with haste.
  • Innovation

    Through productive and critical thinking and constant improvement activities, we strive to secure product and service competitiveness to lead markets.

    • Seek new methods beyond practices,
    • Change ourselves for the better ahead of others.
    • Find out problems and continue to address them by discovering the causes.
    • Accept and encourage creative thoughts and ideas.
  • Talents

    Competitiveness starts with people, and Samyang is constantly recruiting and fostering top talents, Employees are encouraged to develop themselves constantly and grow with the company.

    • Have a vision in line with the company goals.
    • Develop ourselves voluntarily to become the top player.
    • Share professional capabilities with one another and create synergies.
    • Continue to explore and foster talents.
  • Customer-oriented

    Recognize our customers as the key to our business growth and provide differentiated values, delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

    • Think and work from the perspective of customers.
    • Gather customer needs on which to base our decisions.
    • Endeavor to look for creative solutions to issues raised by customers.
    • Develop capabilities to rapidly respond to customer needs.
  • Performance-driven

    Samyang employees do their best to achieve corporate objectives. In return, the company provides fair appraisal and differentiated rewards to its employees accordingly.

    • Push towards solid achievements and do our best until goals are fulfilled.
    • Strengthen our power of execution to enhance corporate achievements.
    • Evaluators assess employees' performance objectively and rationally.
    • Outstanding achievers will naturally be provided great rewards and recognition.