Chairman's Message

We prepare for the next 100 years ahead based on our expertise acquired from the past century, as we dedicate ourselves to our vision of ‘Ingredients that add value to life.

With the objective of realizing our vision of ‘Ingredients that add value to life,’ we are working to ensure that all business philosophies and strategies are in line with actualizing our vision throughout the next century that lies ahead. Also, Samyang focuses its operations on becoming a global company with specialized products and services while exploring potential new businesses and promises continual growth and innovation, in the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has shown their support to Samyang, as we have evolved under the principles of ethics and trustworthiness in business management since our establishment in 1924.

With our 100 years of development history, Samyang is preparing for the next 100 years ahead with years of accumulated experience. Samyang established the ‘VISION 2025’ vision in our tenacious effort to protect and uphold the value of ‘Ingredients that add value to life – Samyang’ amid rapidly changing times, continuously leading the wave of change and heading towards becoming a trendsetting global brand.

Samyang aims to provide extraordinary values to our customers by fortifying our competitive edge in the global market within the four core business sectors of chemicals, food, biopharmaceuticals, and packaging, along with the creation of specialized services. We are implementing an active response in the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by discovering potential new businesses and establishing a future-oriented portfolio while pursuing the innovation of digital technology for the promotion of sustainable growth.

Our purpose lies in evolving into a global brand that meets competency standards from around the world by staving off complacency in the present and boldly pushing the limits of the R&D industry through business innovation and the bolstering of partnerships with world-renowned organizations.

Even amid the groundbreaking changes in store during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we ask for your continued devoted interest and warm encouragement to enable Samyang to develop into a company that ensures the creation of a lifestyle of abundance and convenience living for all.

Respectfully, Yoon Kim (Chairman & CEO)